Monday, 2 December 2013

Filming update

We went to the location and did our first filming, however after looking at the footage afterwards we found that the lighting was very bad. Therefore we have decided to return to the location for our next filming shoots once it has gotten dark. This allows us to control all lighting and hopefully we will have a more professional quality to our finished video.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Meeting Update: first day of filming

Today we had a quick meeting with the actor to ensure everything goes swiftly on our first day of filming on Friday and we get all the footage we would like in the set time we have. We have arranged to film the narrative part of the video on Friday 22nd November 12pm-2pm. Katie will be bringing the equipment, I will bring the costume and props and we have told the actor to try and learn most of the song by Friday.

Complete shot list for video

This is my complete shot list for my music video, however it is still fairly brief. This is due to alot of the shots being fairly similar, I have created this to show the different shots within each location of the house,also it allows me to identify which shots will be used in which parts of the song (verses/chorus etc.) I think this will be extremely useful to me on the day of filming.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Digipak sketch update

I have decided to use the 4 panel template as I feel I can make this look more professional. Here is the updated sketch of the 4 panel album cover I hope to create. I also intend to introduce more colour into it than the previous sketch as I feel it would appeal to the target audience more. 

Costume Update

The original white dress we wanted to use for the main narrative of the video we could not get hold of, however we have decided to use a different one that looks like this. It connotes the same ideas as the original dress, that the girl is naive and vulnerable. Also adding to the simplistic minimal element shown throughout the video.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Rough sketch idea for digipak design

Sketch for magazine advertisement

I created this sketch as a rough idea of layout etc. for my advertisement 

Permission for filming on Friday 22nd

Today we had a meeting with the cast to ensure they are free on the 22nd November to begin filming. We also received permission today from the owner of the location allowing us to film on this day.

Print Production image update

We now have the images that we require for the Print Production phase of the project. There is a selection of different images of the artist in the studios, this allowed us to control the lighting on the artists face well. Now I have the images I am in the process of editing them for both the advertisement and the Digipak.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Location for Photoshoot

We are using the photography studio within college to take pictures of the artist for the Album Cover. We have chosen this as our location as the main focus will be on the star image, and this allows us to have a blank background and not detract from the artist. 

Also this type of location is typical of album covers within our genre, which is another reason as to why we have chosen it.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Prop Update

I have just purchased an umbrella for the video, this will be used at the beginning during the narrative when the actor is walking up to the house.

List to complete

I made this list so me and my colleague are both aware of what tasks we have yet to complete from the planning and print production phase.

Shot list 2

This is the shot list I created when we visited the location for the first time, I created this list to ensure I had all the shots I needed to make the storyboard. Although I think it will be helpful when filming the actual video too.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Layout/housestyle for album cover

This is the layout I hope to use on the cover of the album. I hope to recreate a close up shot of the artist like this and use the text to frame the face. The fonts I have chosen to use are 'Felix Titling' and 'Sylfaen', I also would like to introduce a tiny bit of colour into the cover through some graphics/shapes.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Digipak Template

I will be using this Digipak template to create my album cover, I have chosen to use the 6 squared one as it allows me to be more creative and experimental. I have already downloaded this template to begin with some digipak ideas.

Time Plan for Music Video

Brief Shot List for narrative

These are the main shots that will be included in the music video, all of the shots obviously aren't here as a lot will be repeated just slightly different. This is the shot lost for the narrative and it is in the order it will appear in the video.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Font ideas for Album cover and Advertisement

These are 6 potential fonts that I could use for my album cover and advertisement. They are all Serif fonts, I think that they connote a sophisticated and more feminine feel and therefore will be ideal for my artist. I will probably choose the third font for the album cover title as it definitely stands out the most but also looks quite formal.

Story Board

Here is a brief storyboard I have made of images of each location I hope to use. Also I have taken into consideration the shot type and where the actor will be stood. The actor I have used in these images is not the one I will use in the real video, this was only created to help me and remind me of the most prominent shots required, it also allows the viewer to get a feel of what the final video will entail.

Album Advertisement Research

This album cover advertisement is not necessarily the same genre as my music video, however it captured my eye due to the simplicity of it and also the minimal house style and colours used. I think by including minimal elements to the advert it can be sophisticated yet include the right amount of information.
I like this advertisement because of the shot used, the straight on mid close up is a very strong image and will immediately captures the audience's eye. Also I think that the colours used are again minimal and connote the  star image very well. 
This advertisement is fairly close to the genre I will be making a video for, again the use of the mid close up is eye catching. I especially like the layout of this advertisement, with the text layered over the top and a tiny image of the album cover included.

Digipack Time Plan

Day for Filming

After having a discussion with the cast members, we have decided to allocate the first day of filming to Friday 22nd November.

Costume list

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Album Cover Photoshop Practice

I used this image taken from the internet of Cara Delevigne to practice the layout and style I hope to pursue within my Album Cover. The image is similar to what I hope to capture, with an extreme close up of the artist looking straight into the camera. Also the image is fairly saturated, however I have incorporated colour through the use of shapes and text. I think this minimalistic approach will be fitting with my genre and will also  create the 'Star Image' I'm aiming for.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Album Cover Research

I have conducted research into a few album covers created for female artists, a large amount of them include extreme close ups of the artist, which I think makes the cover stand out and constructs a strong image of the star.

The layouts included in these 3 album covers are fairly minimal, this links with the genre and connotes the sophistication of the artists.
None of the artists are looking directly into the camera, this shows some kind of innocence behind their work and gives the whole cover a softer feel.
In these 3 album covers there is minimal use of colour, with just one main colour making the whole image stand out, I intend to use this approach to colour within my album cover.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Props Planning

Risk Assessment



Location Planning

The location we are using for our music video is an old manor house located about 15 miles away from college, called 'Temple Laughern' therefore it is fairly easy to access. The house is an ideal location to film in, as there is a lot of space to experiment with, also the d├ęcor within the house will coordinate with the overall theme of the video.

I have received permission from the owner of the house to use the premises as our location.